Monday, May 09, 2011

Donation Shirts for Pratt City Tornado Victims

Through my company, we will be donating shirts to those in Pratt City who lost everything. Hopefully some fresh, clean t-shirts will provide a bit of relief to them. I made the below design, which we'll be printing on the shirts.


Cathy said...

Hi Katherine,
I went for one day to volunteer at the Pratt City Disaster Resource Center at the Scott School. That was two weeks ago and I have been there almost every day since then! The level of commitment of the volunteers is amazing! Many of them are there all day 7 days a week.( I don't know if you know, but a Pratt City pastor saw the need for a local distribution center and went to the city council and asked for the Scott School to be opened. Then he formed a council of local churches to run it.) Do you think your company could help with T-shirts for the volunteers? If not can you tell me where I can get a good deal on some T shirts? I think people would be more than willing to purchase them, if I can get them for around $5-$7. I have looked online and tried to design my own, but find it very frusturating and expensive.
Cathy Sewell
ps. I like your design!

Katherine McGonigle said...

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for your message, and I'm glad you like the design. That is amazing what you are doing in Pratt City! I'm sure we could help you with your t-shirts. You should be receiving a email from me or my operations manager (Loren) today!
Best of luck with the incredible work you are doing!